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Post by Bowman Tue Sep 03, 2019 8:38 am

You know that right now you are "doing" something. (Just as I am) Even if we are "relaxing" while we are doing it. I read somewhere that we are human "beings", not human " doings".
 Right now we are using our minds. Real relaxation is about turning off our minds for a while and realizing that our life goes on without putting so much extra thinking into it. Your mind is equipped to handle your  life on its own. We only impede it with worry and anxiety. The negative physical effects of stress are well-known, but they can be overcome with relaxation.
 Personally, I have been most relaxed on my back in the grass beside a lake. Just looking at the sky, watching clouds drift by through the trees, studying the flight of an occasional insect, listening to the waves on the shore.
 The benefits of relaxation are directly relative to the time devoted to it. Before you can relax, first you have to think about the meaning of relaxation. Relaxing the body is exactly that. It means letting all energy drain from all of your muscles. It is about the "mind/body connection". As the body relaxes, the mind relaxes. And there is a " feedback loop" which occurs. As the mind relaxes, the body relaxes more. As the body relaxes more, the mind relaxes more. DragonHeart has written about several relaxation and meditation techniques on another site. Hopefully she will share them here.

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